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Breast Reconstruction Surgery at Harley Street Aesthetic SurgeryBreast Reconstruction

Surgery to make a new breast is an important part of the treatment following a diagnosis of breast cancer or DCIS. The exact technique can vary depending on the wishes of the woman concerned and the advice of the plastic surgeon. Mr Uppal will discuss the best option for you having taken into consideration your thoughts and aspirations.

The choices and information that you are given can at first be confusing and even frightening. However, you will get a lot of support from the nurses and doctors in the clinic. Please ask as many questions as you need. Sometimes we forget things we are told, so don't be scared to ask again.

Breast reconstruction can be an important step to getting back to a truly normal life and can signal the end of cancer treatment...

Breast reconstruction does not make a woman's body just as it was before the mastectomy. Even a reconstructed breast that looks completely natural will not have the original sensation and is not a real breast. It can, however, look and move naturally and feel to the touch like a soft, natural breast. Women who have had successful breast reconstruction are therefore much closer to their original physical state than are those who have not had breast reconstruction. Breast reconstruction can go a long way toward making patients feel better and most patients who undergo breast reconstruction are able to return to the lifestyles they enjoyed before being diagnosed with breast cancer.

The pictures above were taken before and after surgery to create a new breast with a DIEP operation using spare skin and fat from the tummy. This operation takes about 6 hours to perform and does not need a breast implant. The new breast does not change if radiotherapy is required afterwards. There is however a 5% chance that the new breast may not keep the blood supply that is connected using microsurgery with a microscope. If this happens a breast implant may be used to make a new breast.

You may also have surgery to the other breast, if you wish, to get a more even appearance. Nipple reconstruction is also performed. All this extra surgery can be performed at the same time or, as is more common, it is done a few months later to give the best results in the end.

You will be offered a chance to see photographs and meet a patient if you wish.

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