After Surgery

The care you receive after your surgery is as important as the surgery itself. Here at Harley Street Cosmetic Surgery we are always contactable on 01753 664085 for advice. There is also a team of dedicated nurses that look after you once you have left hospital. They are on hand to change dressings if required or answer any questions. There is 24 hour cover for urgent enquires.

Mr Uppal will usually see you 1 week after your surgery for a check up and to ensure all is well. A further check up appointment is made at 3 to 6 months. After that time you are free to request a review with Mr Uppal at any time in the years that follow at no extra charge. Most patients wear a bandageĀ for 1 week after surgery eg Rhinoplasty which is removed at the first follow up appointment.

If for any reason you require surgery due to a surgical complication, you will not be charged the surgeon’s fee.